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Christopher’s Bridge is a state licensed Personal Home Care Provider located near Athens in Northeast Georgia. We provide professional, customized, lifestyle assistance services to seniors, disabled and rehabilitating clients in our service area. If you have any specific questions about the services we offer, please feel free to contact us.

Christopher’s Bridge Home Care is named after the legend of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travel. Knowing life is a journey, and our responsibility is to care for clients during difficult times in their journey, the story of St. Christopher symbolizes our vision. In the legend, St. Christopher was also a symbolic care-giver who assisted people, including The Christ Child, on his back across a dangerous river. Christopher’s Bridge is a family owned and operated company, not a large corporation or franchise. We are personally involved with the care of each client. Our superior care team will meet with each prospective client to gain a thorough understanding of their needs, explain how the care process works, answer any questions, and will create a customized care plan to meet their individual needs. Christopher’s Bridge Home Care provides services in the following Northeast Georgia Counties: Athens-Clarke, Oconee, Greene, Morgan, Walton, Oglethorpe, Madison, Franklin, Hart, Elbert, Banks, Jackson and Barrow and Hall Counties. Feel free to contact us for a full list of our services, a free consultation, or simply to ask questions.

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Founded in 2014, Christopher’s Bridge Home Care has a purpose driven mission to provide the highest level of customized lifestyle assistance to our clients who are seniors, disabled, or rehabilitating patients. Individuals and their families affected by aging, disabilities, or rehabilitation need help and support with the changes accompanied by these processes. Our goal is to consistently deliver competent and compassionate services by utilizing our well trained and reliable Care Team in assisting our clients to achieve and maintain the independence, dignity, and quality of life they deserve.

Our company culture values honesty, diversity, teamwork, and excellence. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and we strive for an environment that encourages, trains, and develops our team. These core values help manifest our vision of providing our clients with the most reliable, knowledgeable, and skilled staff in Northeast Georgia.


By recruiting, hiring, and training the most talented Certified Nursing Assistants in our service area, Christopher’s Bridge Home Care will position itself as the home care agency offering the highest standard of customized lifestyle assistance in Northeast Georgia. We want to create a system where each and every client receives a level of care and compassion that is unparalleled in the home care industry. We will accomplish our mission and foresee our vision by instilling and utilizing our core values in every facet of the care giving process.

Core Values:

1. We believe that our employees are the corner stone of our business.
2. We believe our clients and their families deserve the highest level of care and support.
3. We believe that demonstrating excellence every day is our standard.
4. We demonstrate honesty and integrity in all situations.
5. We value diversity and respect all people regardless of race, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, political ideology, or age.
6. We understand that exceptional customer service is our strength.
7. We strive for a work environment that encourages all employees, offers job satisfaction and recognition, and rewards exceptional performance.
8. We value learning and encourage on-going education and training.
9. We believe in establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our referral sources and other agencies involved in our industry.
10. We believe in being a leader in our community on issues relating to our industry.

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